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I embarked on a 12-week journey with Tracie of 1000 Cranes this year and am so thankful that I did. Her wisdom, friendship and humor really motivated me, and I never once felt judged — only supported. Our conversations and workshopping ranged from eating to spirituality and alcohol to parent ties, work/life balance — and beyond. The tools Tracie uses and her depth of knowledge on all things wellness-related really impressed me. Each week I really looked forward to our check-ins and her unique perspective. I feel more in touch with my body’s needs and also feel like I’m making my way in front of the auto-immunity I grapple with. I wholeheartedly recommend 1000 Cranes and this soulful practice.

Heidi Johansen

I had my first reiki session with Tracie a few days ago and it was amazing! Tracie is such a talented healer. I’ve always been skeptical about energy work, but I swear, I could feel it working. I felt buzzing in my body where Tracie was concentrating her work and have since felt very relaxed and peaceful. The session itself was so relaxing. I dozed off a few times while lying on the table and afterwards, felt so calm! Tracie did a debrief at the end of the session, giving me an overview of what came up as she balanced each chakra, and I loved this – action steps for how to maintain this balance in my life. And she emailed me with these session notes! I can’t recommend Tracie enough. I will definitely be returning for another reiki session soon! Ellen Jarwoski

I have seen Tracie for reiki and emotion code work. Tracie’s presence offers me a safe space so I can fully allow my body to relax into trusting that healing can take place. I have been able to make very big shifts in my relationships and career, and I believe the work Tracie walks me through and is a conduit for, has been integral in my journey. I am committed to being my most authentic self, breaking through old patterns and spreading love to all from a healthy, whole spirit. Tracie believes in me…she believes in the possibility for not only herself to be her best, but for all of us. I am so grateful to have her support in my life. Melissa B

My experience working with Tracie as my health coach beyond exceeded my expectations. After having my first baby I was feeling out of sorts and really needed some guidance and mentoring to work through my challenges. Tracie gave me the advice I needed to have a renewed sense of self and pushed me to look at things in a different way. Tracie is an amazing person that can help people see the greatness in themselves. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best that I can be! Cassie D

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